How the original OTIS elevator worked

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How the original OTIS elevator worked 


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Today, let`s share something about the operating of How the original OTIS elevator worked. Take OTIS as an example, it's really easy to look at original patent documents and find out exactly what inventors were thinking.

Here, courtesy of the US Patent and Trademark Office, is one of the drawings Elisha Graves Otis submitted with his "Hoisting Apparatus" patent dated January 15, 1861. I've colored it in a little bit so it's easier to understand.


Greatly simplified, here's how it works:

1.The elevator compartment (1, green) is raised and lowered by a hoist and pulleysystem (2) and a moving counterweight (not visible in this picture). You can see how the elevator is moving smoothly between vertical guide bars: it doesn't just dangle stupidly from the rope.

2.The cable that does all the lifting (3, red) wraps around several pulleys and the main winding drum. Don't forget this elevator was invented before anyone was really using electricity: it was raised and lowered by hand.

3.At the top of the elevator car, there's a simple mechanism made up of spring-loaded arms and pivots (4). If the main cable (3) breaks, the springs push out two sturdy bars called "pawls" (5) so they lock into vertical racks of upward-pointing teeth (6) on either side. This ratchet-like device clamps the elevator safely in place.


OTIS elevator

A modern elevator has much in common with the original Otis design. Here you can see the little wheels at the edges of an elevator car that help it move smoothly up and down its guide bars. 

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