To transform the city ,we must reengineer the elevator

2019-08-06  From: Xi'an Husheng Mechanical-Electronic Co., Ltd. Browsing times:244

If the city want to be modernization, the infrastructure must be modernized, and the  infrastructure need improve, there comes one thing that : we must reengineer the elevator, and also the escalator.

Frist step:

To transform the surface, just like this picture show us:

                     BEFORE                                              AFTER


Second step: 

The technology is arriving – and with them the certainty that the old ways of traveling through a building are about to change more substantially than ever before.

So, to reengineer the elevator, we should not only do the appearance, but also need do the transform of the contrall systerm.

Take an example of our control system -- the monarch contrall systerm.

From the control cabinet to the PCB, all the modern elements can be added on an old elevator. 


After this transform, it sames that an old elevator have been rebirth, more efficient, More secure, and more modernization.  

The third step :

Besides these fundamentality transform , our company studied out an Property Manage System which can solve all the elevtaor problems efficiently, diversely, simply and powerfully.

For example, the automatic distress alarm system,which can connect the PC, the phone, the elevator, and the plot property. Based on this internet project, it will much more reduce the dangerousnes and the loss. 


Our company also released an APP   

the english version will be published soon .


Video real-time monitoring the elevator car inside;

Automatic alarm for abnormal conditions;

Emergency cloud visual intercom system;

And so on... 


Maybe now, the elevtor transform sames ended at the third step, but the service from our HUSHENG never ending, we will keep going on our stadies, to mke sure all our customers haev a nice elevtor experience, because the Comfortable happiness have no end. 

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