SIEI inverter AVY3110-KBL-BR4/AC4 SIEI Drive

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SIEI inverter AVY3110-KBL-BR4/AC4 SIEI Drive

Do you know SIEI drive?More information are here


Share you the means of SIEI drive module number




Behind the letter,the second and third number means this drives power,so AVY3110-KBL-BR4/AC4 ,the power is 11KW.


SIEI drive have two produce place,one is China ,another is German


The last letter is stand for it’s  Synchronism and Asynchronism,BR4 is Synchronism,AC4 is Asynchronism.


Through this knowledge you can know your SIEI and choose right SIEI drive well.


All type SIEI drive we can provide,welcome to contact us.

SIEI Drive

SIEI Drive

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