Introduction about protective clothing

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【Material】 50g non-woven protective clothing with film

[Advantages] Airtight, waterproof, good bacteria isolation effect, obvious front and back side distinction, the side of the body contact is non-woven fabric, non-allergic, feel good, there is a layer of plastic film outside to prevent liquid leakage, used in pollution and In the case of viruses, the main use in hospital infectious wards is the non-woven protective clothing covered with film.

[Structure of protective clothing]: The protective clothing is composed of three-pieces of hat, jacket and trousers. It can be equipped with high-grade bacteria-insulating shoe covers separately according to customer requirements, or can be made into four-pieces according to needs, that is, hats, trousers and shoe covers Four Siamese. Most customers like to wear shoe covers and pants separately. (Easy to put on and take off the shoe cover). The hat has elastic bands on the face, which can make the hat closer to the face, and the elastic bands on the waist make the protective clothing more close to the body, comfortable and beautiful. The top of the jacket has a 70 cm long zipper on the chest, which is convenient for wearing and taking off, and the protection is tighter. The cuffs and foot mouth are made of latex circles, which makes the wearing more neat. (You can also use threaded cuffs as required for more comfort)

【Use of protective clothing】: Mainly used for customers visiting animal breeding places such as epidemic prevention and quarantine, pesticide and animal husbandry, isolation and treatment of infectious diseases, laboratory reagent experiments, pig farms, cattle farms, etc. Leader inspection. Beauty and body, fumigation treatment. Paint spraying and polishing protection, glass wool insulation installation, petroleum exploration, precision instrument installation, biopharmaceuticals, human joint manufacturing, class II and class III medical device production, etc., require the use of places where the human body is completely isolated.

[Protective clothing specifications]: L size, applicable range 160 cm-185 cm, can also be customized according to requirements.

Package】: The large package of aseptic conjoined protective clothing is packed in a carton box. The size of the box body is 45 cm wide, 47 cm long, 63 cm high, 100 sets per box.

[Protective clothing color]: white, blue (non-toxic and no odor)

Protective clothing sterilization method】: Vacuum packaging, ethylene oxide sterilization.

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