Can and alcohol disinfectant be used together?

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Judging from the composition of these two disinfectants, the main component of the medical 84 disinfectant is NaClO, that is, sodium hypochlorite, which has strong oxidizing and strong alkaline, while the main component of the medical alcohol disinfectant is ethanol, which is weakly alkaline Once the two are mixed, it will affect the electrolytic balance of NaClO. If it is too alkaline, it may generate Cl2, which is often called chlorine gas.

Chlorine is a toxic gas.

That is to say, if medical 84 disinfectant and medical alcohol disinfectant are used together, it is likely to produce toxic gas chlorine, which will affect people in this environment.

But what if I have accidentally mixed medical 84 disinfectant with medical alcohol disinfectant? Will it be poisoned?

If you encounter this kind of situation, please open the window for ventilation in a timely manner, while staying away from the environment and placing it in an environment with fresh air. If your body has obvious discomfort, you should go to the hospital immediately.

In case of eye and skin infections, immediately wash thoroughly with normal saline or water. Antibiotic eye drops can be dripped into the eyes. Wet compresses can be applied to skin acid burns with 2% -3% sodium bicarbonate solution.

It is worth mentioning that 84 disinfectant itself will cause some damage to human skin. Undiluted liquid will cause mild skin burns. If the amount is large, the impact will be more serious.

Therefore, wear gloves as much as possible when using medical 84 disinfectant.

And 84 disinfectant has a bleaching effect and can be used to bleach clothing, but it needs to be diluted before it can be used. Be careful when using it.

Special attention: no matter whether it is medical 84 disinfectant or medical alcohol disinfectant, do not put it where children can reach, so as not to cause harm to children.

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