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Since the outbreak of the Corona virus, the Chinese government and Chinese people have resisted the epidemic with great perseverance and sense of responsibility, and adopted the most comprehensive, strict, and thorough prevention and control measures. The prevention and control of the epidemic has shown a positive trend. China ’s experience is mainly to maintain social distance, stop non-essential services, and suggest that people stay at home, isolate themselves, and track their close contacts. Thanks to these strict measures, the epidemic was effectively controlled in less than three or four weeks. This experience is applicable to other countries.


Protective products required for epidemic situations: masks, gloves, protective clothing, forehead thermometer, medical isolation masks, etc. The peak period of use of masks will be after the resumption of work. At that time, the flow of people will intensify again. Due to the great spread of the virus, people should pay more attention to protection at this time.

Here are some tips after resuming work:

1 Wear medical surgical masks or KN95, N95 masks in public.

2 Wash your hands at any time

3 Cover your nose and mouth by your elbow or cloth when sneeze

4 Clean and disinfect the places where the body can reach, such as armrests and seats when you are on train, bus, subway, by disinfection supplies.

5 Avoid going to areas where the disease is endemic, try to stay 1 meter away from others

6 Pay attention to food safety

7 Keep the room clean, open windows frequently, and ventilate frequently.


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